About Us

Here at The Supreme HR Advisory, we pride ourselves as a vibrant recruitment agency with a firm grasp of Southeast Asia workforce.

We are an energised and dedicated team that employs innovative approaches in customizing services that bridge the gap between job candidates and employers.

Our extensive experience of the region allows you to place your trust in us to provide viable choices based on your requirements, making the process a time efficient and easy procedure.

At The Supreme HR Advisory, our consultants are constantly monitoring the present work force market, working as a collective to deliver results in an expedient manner.

Our services allow clients to enhance and expand their recruiting functions without having to invest additional resources in HR or OPS departments.

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At The Supreme HR Advisory, we recognise the importance of having the right people for the right job.

Finding job candidates is a serious and resource consuming process. Active searching through advertising is often unreliable and wasteful. Selection of ideal candidates from a pile of submitted résumé is mostly guesswork as it is nearly impossible to determine their actual personalities and work ethics.

Our mission is to empower clients with the ability to find ideal candidates that will reinforce their company infrastructure; ensuring business functionality and growth.

Our dedication improve the clientís chances of success while reducing their efforts to the bare minimum - meeting shortlisted candidates and approval; ensuring the fastest available solution to their manpower inadequacies.

Give your company the boost it needs by integrating our solutions into your recruitment process today.

"Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business."
– Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas

Our S3 Philosophy


Our Consultants are trained to simplify methods of filtering quality Candidates based on Clients' requirements & criteria.


We deliver swift results by identifying and simplifying vital information from Candidate profiles, granting our Clients the ability to identify ideal Candidates with ease.


We serve to provide one-stop solutions for all manpower issues faced by Clients due to the tightening of foreign quota.

Job Seekers

Success doesn't come to you, you go to it.
- Marva Collins

What are they typical types of candidates that you encounter?

Job seekers who are fresh graduates are usually confident in their own potential and willing to learn on the job. They are energetic and not easily deterred by difficulties or setbacks.

Next are the candidates who are seeking better jobs. Their proficiency in established skillset & abilities give them the advantage when searching for jobs with unique requirements.

Thirdly, job seekers who are still exploring their options while searching for the right job. This group may seem unmotivated, but when they find the right job, they can deliver promising results for their companies.

What makes the job hunt so tedious or unsuccessful?

The major hurdle is usually the job candidates' limited knowledge about the everchanging job market. Searching for a good job is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Also job seekers might dislike compromises in pay or incentives when switching to a new job. Jobs that have requirements such as unique skillsets or experience increase the difficulty as well.

At The SupremeHr Advisory, our consultants actively monitor and research on changes in job market situation everyday. We effectively profile and categorise candidates in order to match with the job requirements. Our goal is to achieve satisfied employers & employees and promote better futures.

We understand the anxiety and frustrations when it comes to finding the ideal job. At The Supreme HR Advisory, we are prepared to facilitate your search with our expertise and vast collective of prospective employers.

Make us your first step in your career path.

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