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The Supreme HR Advisory plays an active role in finding talented professionals in Senior, Executive and Highly Specialized positions that cannot be filled by using traditional recruiting method.

Our headhunters in Singapore source and provide the talented, impactful professionals, to fill the client’s senior management role. Seeking the brightest star in the market and hard-to-find professionals through our network and consultants. We work with our client to best understand the needs and specification on the Executive Search to find tailored talents for our client

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Executive Search

Executive Search is a recruitment process used to find and attract highly qualified candidates for executive positions. It involves a specialized search firm that works closely with a company to identify, evaluate, and recruit top executive talent from around the world.

The executive search process typically begins with a thorough understanding of the company’s needs and culture, enabling the search firm to develop a list of ideal candidates.

The search firm then contacts potential candidates and evaluates their qualifications to decide which ones have the desired skills and experience to fill the position. The goal of executive search is to find and recruit leaders who can help the company achieve its strategic objectives. The process is long and complex, involving extensive research into the company, the market, and potential candidates. This allows the executive search firm to identify and present the very best talent to its clients.

Executive search firms typically have large networks of contacts and resources that they use to find the right candidate. They also have access to industry-specific databases and can leverage technology such as social media to locate and assess potential candidates. The executive search process requires close collaboration between the search firm and the client. It is an intensive process that takes a great deal of time and effort, but it can result in hiring the right leader for an organisation.


Headhunting is the practice of recruiting and sourcing qualified professionals to fill positions within an organization. It involves searching for and identifying potential candidates who have the right skills, experience, and qualifications to fill open positions. Headhunting also includes the ability to assess and evaluate the selected individual, as well as to negotiate and structure the terms of the employment agreement.

Headhunters are typically employed by organizations or recruiting agencies to identify and recruit highly qualified professionals who can add value to their organization. Headhunting requires a deep understanding of the position that the organization is looking to fill and the type of candidate that best fits the role. Headhunters must also be able to identify potential candidates who meet the job requirements and who have the skills and knowledge to be able to successfully contribute to the organization. Headhunting is a highly specialized and demanding profession that requires careful analysis of the job requirements and the ability to match the right candidate to the role. Headhunters must also be able to assess and evaluate candidates to ensure that they are the right fit for the position. Furthermore, headhunters must be able to negotiate a competitive employment agreement that will benefit both the organization and the employee. Headhunting is an essential part of any organization’s recruitment process and is an important tool for ensuring that the right personnel are hired for the right role. The success of a headhunter is dependent on their ability to identify and recruit the right candidate for the job. Additionally, headhunters must be able to effectively negotiate and structure competitive employment agreements that will benefit both the organization and the candidate.

Headhunting is an incredibly useful tool for businesses, as it allows them to access the best talent in the industry. It helps them to find people with the right skills, experience and expertise to fill vital roles in their organisation. Not only does headhunting save businesses time and money, it also allows them to hire experienced individuals who may have otherwise been difficult to find. It can also help them to identify potential candidates who may have different backgrounds and abilities, which can bring a new level of knowledge and creativity to the organisation. The benefits of headhunting extend far beyond just finding the right people. It can also help to build a strong employer-employee relationship, as the headhunted individual often feels more connected to the organisation and is more likely to stay with them for the long term. Headhunting also helps businesses to attract the best talent from the industry, as it shows them that the organisation is serious about hiring the best people. It can also help them to build a reputation within the industry as an employer of choice, which can make it easier to attract other top-level candidates in the future. Overall, headhunting is a powerful tool for businesses, as it allows them to find the right people for the right roles, save time and money, build relationships, and establish a positive reputation in the industry.

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Corporate services
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Engineering Division

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Education &

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Computer & Information
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Engineering Division.
(Manufacturing / Mechanical
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Healthcare, Life Science,

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Logistics & Supply

Outsourced Services, Event Manpower

Outsourced Services,
Event Manpower

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I am happy to liaise with the consultant assigned.
She is very supportive and fast response in Work pass application and sourcing candidates.


Compitek Corp Pte. Ltd

Semiconductor/Wafer Fabrication

The Supreme HR provides good customer service and very efficient in assisting us throughout the recruitment process. Excellent coordination work!


Chinese Swimming Club


The Supreme HR Advisory Pte Ltd has great screening. I knew that any candidate that we saw would be a great skill set match.


Natarjan & Swaminathan

Accounting / Audit / Tax Services

Recruiter was quick to follow up and is an excellent communicator. All in a very positive experience dealing with recruiter.


DOTS Technology & Trading

Information Technology (Software)

The Supreme HR's consultant is customer-oriented, friendly and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with the company. In comparison with other competitors, they are more responsive and helpful. The consultant who has been assigned to manage our company's needs is very helpful with regards to candidate. She renders good services and always response to my queries promptly.




Recruiter has been very prompt in service delivery and diligent. Although some areas may be new to them, they will check and revert promptly. Among the various agencies, they are the one who provided the greatest number of candidates. With time and experience and initiatives, recruiter should be able to improve over time and value add more.


Want Want Holdings Ltd

Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant

I have worked with The Supreme HR since July 2020 and have successfully found a few candidates through the team in a month. They are friendly, approachable and respond quickly. I am happy with their services and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a HR recruit.


CMA Mental Arithmetic (Punggol Centre)

Semiconductor/Water Fabrication

Through our recruitment process, The Supreme HR has always been professional and try their best to understand our requirements and to recommend candidates that fit into our company culture. When needed, they also give us honest feedback on the current job market conditions and the suitability of our job posting. It has been a pleasure working with The Supreme HR team and we look forward in continuing our working relationship.


Forever Young Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd

General & Wholesale Trading