What is the difference between Singapore Work Permit and Employment Pass?

What is the difference between Singapore Work Permit and Employment Pass?

What is the difference between Singapore Work Permit and Employment Pass?

November 24, 2022

Singapore is an employment destination for global professionals, business leaders, and foreign workers. In order to distinguish these categories and distribute the privileges and restrictions according to the skills each type of worker, the government has developed 2 different types of visas; Employment Pass and Work Permit.

Key Differences between Singapore Work Permit and Employment Pass

The employment pass is often for foreign talents who are highly skilled in their field with certain qualification and earns a min of $5,000, while work permits are for semi-skilled migrant workers from approved source countries/regions to work in certain sectors.

1. Salary

An employment pass has a minimum salary requirement but is considered a stratified visa with a minimum pass of $5,000, whereas a work permit does not have any requirement.

2. Nationality

The employment pass is open for all nations around the world; the government does not apply special requirements or incentives for specific nationalities, but certain nationals may be required to provide additional documents, while a work permit is only available for workers arriving from approved Asian countries. Be reminded that each sector has its own list of approved countries.

3. Opportunities for a Job Change

Employment passes are given more flexibility to change jobs compared to work permit holders. In the event that employment pass holders get terminated, they can apply for a short-term visit pass and stay in the country a bit longer to find a job.

4. Application Process and Duration

work permit application is processed much faster than an Employment pass. The earliest would be one day to a maximum validity of 2 years. The duration of the visa is also dependent on other factors such as employment duration and many more.

Why choose Supreme HR to help you?

Why choose Supreme HR to help you?
The work pass / work permit applications and renewals for this can be complicated and time-consuming, particularly for those unfamiliar with these procedures. With Supreme HR, we aim to help our clients in overcoming the barriers to hiring foreign talents. The team will assist your company from planning and tracking the progress of applications, preparing the necessary documentation, liaising with the Ministry of Manpower, and to filing appeals as needed. The Ministry of Manpower has licensed all consultants and they are well-versed in the various types of work permits and employment pass processes.

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